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Hanfong Dong XI (2:2 hips 0:0 elbows)

Jax (DM Clear)
Feb 13, 2013

Jax is a substantial male, extreamly balanced with a lot to give when working he is a pleasure to live with and a willing partner for any job Jax was scored at 4 years old with a very nice score of 2:2 hip 0:0 elbows he is also tested clear for DM


Vonammerberg Drago Raennik Bero Fax Vom Grenzganger SCH iii (imp DEU)sz
Vonforell Amber(iid)
Vonforell Aria(iid) Stormfronts Brawnson (USA)
Bella Vom Rosenzweig (imp USA)
Vonforell Denny Agassi Von Schwarzhund(imp NZL) Dares Z Geradonu (imp USA)
Vonforell Abra (iid)
Vonforell Tressa Asa Vom Haus Gebets (imp USA)
Vonforell Lina